Chord Company is promising to bring the X factor to its Bristol Hi-Fi Show demonstrations this year as it introduces its latest cable technology, XLPE. The new-to-Chord-Company insulation material, which has recently been implemented in several new loudspeaker cables, will be a focus of the company’s throughout the weekend.

Featuring in five new cables, ShawlineX, RumourX, OdysseyX, EpicXL and SignatureXL, XLPE is said to offer an upgrade over previous insulation material (PTFE), which the company will be demonstrating in a number of (free) ticketed listening sessions in Chord Company’s regular suite at Bristol: room 112 on the 1st floor; collect tickets from the foyer.

It will once again be occupying two sites, with a second position on the ground floor (foyer), where the full cable range will be displayed. Chord Company’s experts will be on hand to office advice, answer questions and help with any cabling issues.

More about XLPE

XLPE, which made its first appearance in the September 2018 SignatureXL speaker cable, has now tricked down into a wider range of products. XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene) was introduced by Chord Company following the successful implementation of the company’s flagship proprietary insulation material, Taylon®, in the company’s range-topping ChordMusic and Sarum T cables.

Chord Company’s design engineers devoted considerable time investigating the different types of XLPE, first for SignatureXL and then for the subsequent models, and following extensive listening sessions selected a version which, during testing, was found to be musically superior to the previous dielectric used in its speaker cables.

With material technology constantly developing and improving, alternatives to PTFE, such as XLPE, have allowed Chord Company to make performance improvements where the prohibitive cost of Taylon® otherwise prevents its use at a given price point. Additionally, the new, improved speaker cables have been developed to harmoniously complement the company’s unique ARAY technology interconnects.

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