The Chord Company has launched a new entry-level interconnect cable that introduces the company’s proprietary ARAY ChordCLINE_interconnecttechniques at an affordable price. “The new C-line is the most technically advanced cable at its price point and beyond” says the company’s press release.

The Chord Company’s Tuned ARAY technology was originally developed for their flagship Sarum cable range, but the technology was introduced across a wider cable range, most recently digital and streaming products. The new C-line analogue RCA cable has become the most affordable interconnect to use elements of the ARAY construction technique in The Chord Company’s line-up.

The UK’s biggest specialist A/V cable manufacturer has been able to implement these ARAY techniques into an entry-level cable for the first time, thanks to a solid partnership with a trusted manufacturer that Chord has been working with on C-line for more than a year.

To gain the level of performance that ARAY techniques produce at such a price point, the C-line has become the first analogue interconnect that The Chord Company has had built to its specification; all other analogue interconnects in The Chord Company’s range are hand-built by Chord technicians at its Wiltshire facility. Like all Chord Company interconnects, every C-line will be carefully hand-tested and packaged in Wiltshire.

The C-line features pseudo-balanced oxygen-free copper conductors with fully floating shielding and is optimised for maximum performance with CD players, DACs, phono- stages, streamers and home-theatre systems. In addition to being constructed using ARAY techniques, C-line also benefits from unique direct gold-plating technology, plus over-moulded strain-relief for the cable’s plug terminations.

C Line specifications

  • Pseudo-balanced oxygen-free copper conductors
  • ARAY construction techniques
  • Direct gold-plating technology
  • Fully floating shielding
  • Over-moulded strain relief

C-line is available now priced at £45 for the 1.0m and £35 for the 0.5m version


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