The Chord Company (very busy at the moment judging by Hifi Pig’s news section) has launched a new range of Japanese-made isolation devices called Silent Mount. The Picture 1517devices, which come in packs of four, can be used with a wide range of spike-equipped audio products, including floorstanding speakers, speaker stands and equipment racks.

Silent Mounts are handmade in Japan from a combination of stainless steel and brass, and have been designed to improve the contact between the spikes widely fitted to ancillary audio equipment and the floor. “Even with hard-surface flooring, the pressure at the tip of each spike is extremely high; Silent Mounts make it far easier to stabilise equipment racks, speakers and speaker stands, whilst bringing noticeable sonic improvements”. Say The Chord Company.

Three types of Silent Mount are available: SM5A, SM7A and SM5A T (titanium variants).  SM5A Silent Mounts have a 50mm diameter, will support up to 50kg each and are designed for use with hi-fi racks. SM7As (70mm) have been designed for use with floorstanding and stand-mount loudspeakers and will also support up to 50kg each. 

SM5A Ts are identical to the SM5A, but are crafted from titanium and stainless steel, a combination of materials that  The Chord Company say “offers numerous sonic benefits over the brass/steel variants, including improvements to timing, dynamics and coherence, with better imaging and definition of instruments, plus a much improved placing of voices within the soundstage”.

All Silent Mounts are supplied with a set of thin self-adhesive felt pads. If the target product is sited on anything other than a carpeted floor, the felt pads should be fitted to the base of each Silent Mount.


SM5A £299

SM7A £339

SM5A T (titanium) £599

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