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The Classic Audio Spartan 10 is a new moving magnet phonostage with innovative LF noise cancellation.

The Classic Audio Spartan 10 is hand made in the UK using all through-hole technology and optimised for very low noise with moving magnet cartridges.

Classic Audio Spartan 10 MM phonotage

Classic Audio Spartan 10 MM phonotage


Michael Fidler of Classic Audio Ltd told us: “Ultra-accurate RIAA to 0.1dB has been implemented without the correspondingly high price tag, resulting in a dramatic reduction in the typical colouration caused by component tolerances in traditional networks. The Classic Audio Spartan 10 also features a unique frequency compensation scheme and gain structure that shares the heavy lifting between two amplifier stages, realising vastly superior linearity compared to conventional single-stage designs, keeping the high end where it should be and allowing mid-range detail to shine through without clouding. 7 parts per million distortion at 10kHz!”

Classic Audio Spartan 10 MM phonotage

Classic Audio Spartan 10 MM phonotage board


A new fully defeatable implementation of low frequency crossfeed is included in the design, which reduces vertical noise when enabled, allowing further bass detail to heard. Classic Audio says that this is particularly noticeable with headphones on. A superior third-order subsonic filter, with hand-matched capacitors for an ultra-flat in-band response, is used to remove the shimmering effects of intermodulation distortion in loudspeakers, protecting them from over-excursion without fraying the low-end response. Full mono switching on the front panel is included for lower noise and distortion on mono pressings.

Classic Audio Spartan 10 MM phonotage

Classic Audio Spartan 10 MM phonotage rear panel


A linear split power supply is used, that not only takes the power transformer and its troublesome magnetic fields out of the enclosure but also provides mains isolation and avoids switching power supply noise.

Classic Audio Spartan 10 MM phonotage

Classic Audio Spartan 10 MM phonotage board rear view


The Classic Audio Spartan 10 is currently available in the UK only, directly from Classic Audio Ltd for a total price of £380 including PSU, UK postage and packaging.

Due to the current high demand, the first batch has been sold. The second batch of 45 units will be available from the end of January 2022.

Classic Audio Spartan 10 MM phonotage

Testing the Classic Audio Spartan 10 MM phonotage

HiFi Pig Says: As always, we are excited about introducing talented new HiFi brands to our readers, keeps your eyes peeled for a review of the Classic Audio Spartan 10 phonostage on HiFi Pig very soon!


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