Nytech Audio, world renowned in the 70s and 80s for producing quality British hi-fi at affordable cp132-control-centreprices is back in business thanks to the tenacity of a former senior BBC engineer.

The new range of Nytech Audio hi-fi equipment was launched at the recent Sound & Vision the Bristol Show and proved to be popular with visitors. There are four separate components, a control centre/pre-amp, a separate power supply and monoblock power amplifiers.

Nytech Audio is based in Ystrad Mynach in South Wales and the new range will be ready for full production in a few weeks time.

The original Bristol-based Nytech Audio went out of business in the late 80s.  Former Nytech test engineer Phil Balaam, who subsequently worked for BBC Wales for 25 years as a broadcast engineer and HD camera expert, decided after leaving the BBC last year that he needed a new challenge.

For Phil a key element in bringing back Nytech was the company’s loyalty to its customer base. “We want to continue to support as much as we can the original product range,” says Phil. “And when people buy the new products we want to assure them that we will continue to look after the products long into the future. My 35 year-old Nytech amp is still running beautifully and I don’t’ see why the new kit shouldn’t have the same longevity.”

Also involved in bringing back the classic Nytech sound are Ingo and Klaus of Nero Audio from Germany who are re-launching the British ARC loudspeaker brand which debuted at the Bristol show alongside the new Nytech range.

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