Clearaudio’s recently appointed UK distributor Sound Fowndations is pleased to announce the release of the new Performance_DC_blackPerformance DC turntable. 

The Performance DC integrates a high-torque, smooth and quiet DC motor into the chassis.The motor is similar to that used in Clearaudio’s high-end Ovation and Innovation series turntables and is said to provide great speed stability and ease-of use with start, stop and speed selection controlled by the touch of one of four illuminated buttons situated on the plinth.

The main chassis consists of a sandwich of aluminium / highly compressed wood fibre / aluminium – designed to effectively deaden resonances with the turntable.

A new 40mm thick black POM platter provides the mechanical interface with the record and rests on Clearaudio’s patented ceramic magnetic bearing (CMB) which, by using a magnetic field to effectively float the bearing on air, reduces friction, wear and noise by avoiding any point of load.

The turntable can be complimented with Clearaudio’s Clarify tonearm which features a woven carbon fibre arm tube and a magnetic bearing which eliminates bearing noise entirely. The Clarify tonearm is fully adjustable providing fine-tuning of VTA, azimuth, magnetically applied anti-skating as well as accurate setting of the cartridge tracking weight by virtue of its micrometer-style counterweight adjustment.

Completing the package is the Clearaudio Virtuoso v2 MM cartridge.

Partnered with Clearaudio’s Clarify carbon tonearm and Virtuoso V2 MM cartridge, the Performance DC offers a complete solution to the audiophile.



Price is £2495


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