The new Clearaudio Smart Matrix Silent is the successor to the brand’s earlier Smart Matrix Professional model.

The new Clearaudio Smart Matrix Silent record cleaning machine is designed for intensive and continuous use, it ifeatures a single arm with a built-in a sliding record size selector, enabling you to clean 12” LPs, 10” EPs and 7” singles, both vinyl and shellac. The arm, chassis and accompanying SMS Seal record clamp are all machined from solid aluminium. It is engineered to reduce noise to a minimum and an optional dust cover is available.

The Clearaudio Smart Silent Matrix has integrated, pump-action cleaning fluid application at the touch of a button, a 500-Watt vacuum motor and bi-directional rotation allows records to be cleaned in either, or both, directions for enhanced cleaning performance. An included Clearaudio SMS Seal record clamp holds the record firmly in place during cleaning and protects the record label from fluid damage. An adaptor for 7” singles is also included. It is available now, in silver or black finish, priced at £1,375. Optional dust cover £125. (All prices include VAT).





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