Clearaudio’s duo of mid-priced phonostages has now been treated to their own V2 upgrade.

Balance V2

Preamplifier, phonostage and headphone amplifier, Clearaudio‘s new Balance V2 combines three key devices in one. The Balance V2 features a fully balanced circuit design with completely independent circuitry for the left and right channels. Its volume control allows the unit to be connected directly to a power amplifier or to an active loudspeaker system. As well as the usual RCA outputs, the Balance V2 features balanced XLR outputs and a 6.3mm plug headphone output. A simple switch allows you to choose between moving magnet and moving coil mode. From there, the Balance V2 will automatically harmonize with almost any high-end phono cartridge without you needing to make any further adjustments.

High precision RIAA equalization achieves an accuracy of within 0.1dB, while an optional subsonic filter attenuates any unwanted low frequency noise. A separate power supply in its own sleek, resonance-shielding aluminium casing keeps any potential interference at bay.

Basic V2

There’s actually nothing ‘basic’ about the Basic V2 phonostage. On the outside, there’s just one visible control: a single power switch on the upper surface. On the underside you can switch between moving coil and moving magnet mode. Like the Balance V2, the Basic V2 is compatible with almost any high-end phono cartridge without making any further adjustments.

Or, you can choose from a range of performance enhancing settings to fine-tune its parameters to your system and your heart’s content. An optional subsonic filter attenuates any unwanted low frequency noise, while RIAA equalization accuracy is again within 0.1dB.

Pricing And Availability

The Balance V2 and Basic V2 are available now, priced at £2,510 and £990 respectively (inc. VAT).

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