Club-27 Audio is a Netherlands based manufacturer of loudspeakers and DIY loudspeaker kits. Robert Bastani, well known as the designer of the Bastani’s open baffle speakers and horn speakers is responsible for the design of the Club-27 speakers.

Club – 27 Janis 2020 Big Fun Project

During the 2020 Covid19 Lock-down, Club 27 have released their Janis speaker kit, named after Janis Joplin, at a reduced price, to give audiophiles the possibility to start a new cost- effective ‘big fun project’ to keep themselves occupied and achieve the satisfaction of building their own speakers.

From now until end of 2020 the price for the Janis speaker kit is reduced from 310€ incl.21%VAT to 230€ incl. 21%VAT. You can send in your pictures of the assembled speakers,which will be presented on the Club-27 website. Customers who share their builds have the chance to win one of three 12m sets of the Club-27 DIY speaker cables, with a value of 104€. The winners will be informed by mail and receive the cables end of 2020.


Drivers: Crossoverless 4“ wide band drivers and paper cone tweeters, basshorn cabinets

Efficiency: 90dB in 8Ohms

Recommended amp- power: minimum 10W

Max. power- handling: 30W

Dimensions: (h x d x w) 80cm x 16cm x 27cm

Weight: 6kg per speaker

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