A while ago we ran a news item on the Coffman Labs G1-A preamp and H1A high-rez mediumthought you might also be interested in their new, tubed H1-A Headphone Amplifier which will debut at the Newport Audio Show in a couple weeks

Externally, the H1-A has a strong family resemblance to the G1-A. The design includes variable impedance output for both quarter-inch and mini headphone plugs, four inputs and an RCA line out for those wishing to use it as a preamp.

It uses a 6C4 tube for the gain stage which drives a pair of 50L6 or 25L6 tubes in push-pull mode which Coffman Labs say should be enough to drive almost all headphones and even high efficiency loudspeakers. Three separate output impedances are provided and you get four inputs (Three on the rear of the unit and a mini jack on the front). Right and left volume controls are provided on the front panel along with a source switch.

Like the G1-A it’s an all analogue design, completely hand-built in Hillsboro, Oregon USA.

Price is $2,295

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