Coherence Systems ADD-POWR harmonic resonators is a new line of products that they claim “re-references your power supply and the audio signal itself”.

The acronym means Algorithm Digital Defined Power. Coherence Systems emphasise the fact that their products are not AC power line conditioners saying ” Power conditioners are essentially high-frequency EM noise filters. ADD-Powr devices are unique because they provide a harmonic voltage reference to your audio system. This reference resonates with the frequencies within the spectrum of the audio band”.

Coherence Systems ADD-POWR™️ Harmonic Resonators

Coherence Systems ADD-PWR Sorcer X4 AC Harmonic Resonator

Coherence Systems ADD-POWR™️ Harmonic Resonators

Coherence Systems told us: “ADD-POWR super-saturates or re-references the AC line voltage with harmonic resonance to boost the signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) of your audio system 0.5 to 1.5 db”.


The ADD-POWR Sorcer X series generates and propagates low-frequency signal information to create harmonic resonance, electronically, with audio signals. Coherence Systems say that: “All products are based upon the Fourier transform, principles of resonance, and class A amplifier design”.


The flagship product is the Sorcer X4 AC harmonic resonator. The retail price is $3,999.95 USD.

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