Coincident Speaker Technology based in Ontario, Canada, have contacted Hifi Pig with news that they are adding two new valve amplifier designs to their stable of products, which already includes valve amplifiers, preamplifiers, loudspeakers and audio cables.
The Coincident Turbo 845SE amplifier is “built and designed to be an all out assault on integrated stereo amplifiers”. It is constructed as true dual mono with the only shared component between the two channels being the chassis. The Turbo 845SE has been created “for those who do not want to compromise quality or performance but are limited to space which preclude mono amps and a separate preamp”. The Turbo has a remote control, line stage and stereo amplifier all in one chassis.The Turbo has a large power supply and generates 28 watts per channel which means it should be suitable for use with most loudspeakers.
Single ended 845 output- 28 watts per channel
Pure dual mono
All hard wired
6EM7 input per channel, 300B driver tube per channel
3 Inputs
Remote control
100 lbs.
Price:$5499 US
The Dynamo 34SE is a more budget approach.It has a single ended triode tube sound that “belies its 8 watt power rating” and Coincident say that any 90 db sensitivity speaker can be powered.The Dynamo 34SE is available for under $1000.
Single ended EL34- 8 watts per channel
6SL7 input/ driver tubes per channel
5U4 rectifier
All hard wired
Stainless steel mirror finish
22 lbs.
price:$999 US
At the time of writing no images were available but Hifi Pig will of course bring you these just as soon as we have them.
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