Conrad-Johnson Design has announced the release of their latest line-stage preamplifier, the ET7. The ET7 incorporates the advances in regulated power supply design debuted in their GAT Series 2 line stage while closely following the GAT audio circuit.

The ET7 features parts found in the GAT. CJD Teflon capacitors are used throughout the audio circuit and for the regulated plate voltage power supply filter and storage capacitors, but in the interests of bringing GAT- like performance to a more affordable price, the ET7 reduces the total capacitance in power supplies and output coupling.

Like the GAT Series 2, the ET7 uses all Vishay resistors in the audio circuit and in the associated power supplies.

Conrad -Johnson go on to say: “The ET7 features styling that distinguishes it as a new product yet clearly show its conrad-johnson heritage”.

The ET7 replaces the discontinued ET5.

The US suggested retail price for the ET7 is $9500. Deliveries have already begun.




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