NuNu Distribution, the well known UK hifi distributor, will be exhibiting in four rooms at the Cranage concept_img01Hall Audio Show on 15th June. They’ll be showing the Quadral speakers for the first time since the brand joined their portfolio.
NuNu Distribution will be demonstrating in:

Stephenson 3 – A full TAD system; for the first time in the North of England. In use will be, D600 CD/SACD player, C600 reference pre-amplifier, C2000 dac/pre amplifier, DA1000 dac/pre/headphone amplifier, M2500 stereo power amplifier combined the Compact Reference 1 loudspeakers. All complemented by the Creativ’s reference audio racks
Stephenson 1 – Brodmann Acoustics will be using their, as we can testify, beautiful speaker creations. On demonstration will be the JB 155’s with Belles amplification including the new VT-01 V2 on its first showing anywhere since its release and the TAD D600 player. All this will be sitting on an Audiophile Base support system, with isolation platforms.
Stephenson 2 – Quadral Speakers will be Sonneteer which will debuting the new integrated Orton Mk IV amplifier along with some of Quadral’s Platinum and Chromium range speakers. Rack here will be by Creaktiv.
Baird 2 – Doug Brady’s will be using Renaissance Amplification who are introducing new products for the summer of 2014 with the MK II versions of their RAP-02 pre amplifier and RA-02 monoblocks. These will be partnered with both Brodmann Acoustic speakers and Harbeth’s new SLH5+ speaker.
Stephenson 4 – Astin Trew will have their new Concord DAC in use with The Audio Works team complementing the AT2000+ integrated amplifier and the AT 3500 + I/C CD player using Focal & Tannoy speakers.


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