A number of Hush Signature Turntable Plinths will be on show in varying degrees of completion walnut plinth 4allowing prospective clients to gain a literal insight into this technically advanced plinth for Garrard turntables. “Quite possibly the best home a Garrard could ever wish for, come and see for yourselves” the company’s press release tells us.

RJC Audio racks will be at the show a plenty with the new Modular on display in the Purite Audio and Puresound rooms with the Great Gable and Pillar racks by the coffee bar.

Here also you can find the Hush Isolation plinths, including the new design incorporating suspension units from Max Townshend. There will be a demonstration of the Max Townshend Seismic Pods where they invite you to “participate with some good vibrations!” Keep an eye open for the special Show offer on these.


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