Swiss loudspeaker manufacturer Soundkaos have been in touch with the Hifi Pig office to tell us all Wave_40_1about the system they will be demonstrating at the Cranage Hall Audio Show on June 15th.

This will be the first show in the UK for Soundkaos with their award winning Wave 40 speakers made entirely from solid selected tone and hard woods.

Soundkaos will also be showing their new D12 subwoofer which is made to compliment the Wave’s. The Subwave is a unique design with 2 x 12” face firing drivers in a very compact enclosure.

“We use the same tone wood that has been used for centuries in musical instrument making. Wood structure is very close to that of human bone, which our hearing is based on and produces a warm organic tonal quality which we all recognise instantly when we are exposed to it it. We not only have a minimalist approach when it comes to the design of our speakers but also in areas such as the choice of drive units and filtering. For us minimal interference in the signal path is key and for this reason we prefer where ever possible to use full range drivers. Naturally these drive units have there limitations and where we deem necessary we augment the frequency band with additional drivers be it at the top or lower end. So with this approach beauty both in sonics and aesthetics is assured” the press release says.

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