Italian manufacturer Viero Cables contacted us to let us know that they are delighted to be taking part cables l3in the first Cranage Hall Audio Show on June 15th.

This will be the first time UK audiophiles have had the opportunity to see and hear the all new EQUILIBRIO line from Viero and they will also have their KOLEOS power distributor on demo.

For those who do not know Viero Cables, it is an Italian company that manufactures high-end cables, professional cables and a power distributor, with staff who have been in the industry for more than thirty years.

In addition to the cables the room will have a system composed of some well known brands, including: ART loudspeakers, McIntosh amps and Systemdek turntables. The system in use on the day will be fully wired with the EQUILIBRIO level 3 cables and using the KOLEOS power distributor.


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