Crystal Acoustics has unveiled its Reference Wireless Speakers, a new range of Bluetooth speakers including a number of cuby_newsstandalone music speakers, two soundbases and a soundbar. All products in the Reference Wireless Series use new WiSound tech – a new technology that for the first time has created speakers that sound the same regardless of where in the room the listener is in relation to the speaker. “As consumers position wireless speakers in a wide variety of ways in the home, the invention of WiSound solves a very real problem and guarantees – in a way never before possible – the good experience of the consumer in their home” says the company’s PR.

The headline products in the new reference Wireless Series – and the first to become available are the Cuby 7 and Cuby 5 wireless Both Cuby models feature Apt-X Bluetooth compatibility, a class-D amplifier onboard, and a range of four colour finishes, as well as WiSound.

Cuby 7 uses seven drivers of various designs firing forwards, upwards and sideways, in order to radiate all the acoustic energy smoothly through the space towards the walls of the room, thus creating a balanced set of reflections giving a consistent tonal balance and a “dynamic, punchy and musical performance throughout the room”.

Buy two or more speakers and you can have an instant multi-room system, with no need for a ‘bridge’. Simply stream your music directly to the Cuby speaker using Bluetooth, and the speaker will simultaneously pass on the music to the other speaker(s) via Wi-Fi. You can have Reference Wireless Speakers in every room in the house, and stream different songs in every room, or the same song everywhere. You can even use this facility without a network – if the Cuby speaker doesn’t find a network, it creates one itself.

Cuby 7 £299

Cuby 5 £219


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