Crystal Acoustics has announced the launch of the Teevy 6, part of the new Reference Wireless Series of speakers from Crystal CASoundBArAcoustics, and utilises the new WiSound technology to create what the company’s press release describes as “an incredibly dispersive, dynamic and consistent audio delivery throughout every part of the room”.

The ‘WiSound’ design uses a larger-than-usual number of speaker drivers, firing in multiple directions, together with a DSP that uses the acoustic response of your room to improve the listener experience. The effect is that every listener hears the same sound regardless of where they are in the room.

The Teevy 6 features six, balanced drivers, including two 5.25in subwoofers that create bass performance all the way down to 38Hz.

The Teevy 6 features Apt-X Bluetooth, so you can connect and play music using any Bluetooth-enabled device, as well as having the option to experience superior sound quality if your device is Apt-X compatible.

Availability: November 2014

Price: £299


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