First there was the Arabesque Glass Master, a floorstanding speaker with an all-glass cabinet. Then came the Arabesque Mini, a CrytalCable_minissimosmaller standmount speaker that retained the original Arabesque’s distinctive shape. Now, Crystal Cable has announced the Arabesque Minissimo, a new compact speaker sporting innovative design and a vibrant range of colours.

The idea behind the Minissimo is to bring genuine Arabesque performance at a more affordable price level and the new loudspeaker has new Natural Science crossover topology, new cabinet material allowing cost effective construction, mono-crystal silver internal wiring and WBT silver terminals and they’re available in a range of matt and high gloss cabinet finishes.

The Arabesque cabinet shape was developed specifically to minimize common problems associated with conventionally shaped loudspeakers, using advanced Comsol mechanical and gas dynamic modeling software. The non-symmetrical shape aims to eliminate parallel walls and common dimensions, resulting in “natural resonant decay without resorting to damping materials”. The Minissimo adopts a one-piece cabinet construction, milled from a solid block of resin/metal matrix material is itself a costly process, but it does dramatically reduce the time necessary for assembly.

With regards the crossover, the company’s press release has the following to say “Extensive research has resulted in the Natural Science crossover, a new topology that offers non-reactive electrical characteristics along with significantly improved phase linearity and rhythmic articulation, more realistic harmonic and spatial reproduction”. The hard-wired crossover employs air-cored inductors, precision silver-oil capacitors and pure graphite resistors.

The Arabesque Minissimo by Crystal Cable is available in 3 standard colors

(Pearl White, Solar Orange & Aquamarine Blue. Slight color deviation may occur). UK retail price: £9,998.00


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