The new Cube Audio Nenuphar BASiS loudspeakers feature their top of the range 10″ full-range drivers and are partnered with 12″ active subs.

They are designed to work in rooms of 25 – 100 square meters. Price 29900€ per pair.

Nenuphar Mini BASiS

Cube Audio’s Nenuphar Mini BASiS feature their 8″ fullrange drivers with 10″ active subs, this pairing is designed for rooms of 20 – 60 square meters. Price 22900€ per pair.

Nenuphar Monitor

The Nenuphar Monitor has a specially modified 10-inch F10 Neo driver designed by Cube Audio and due to quite compact size can be used in smaller rooms of 12 – 25 square meters. Price 15900€ per pair


The Cube SUB12 will also integrate with any of the brand’s full range loudspeakers, it features a 12″ woofer in sealed cabinet combined with a 200W class AB amp and is priced at 7900€per piece.

The SUB10 is designed to work with Cubes 8″ full range loudspeakers and features a 10″ woofer in sealed cabinet combined with a 200W class AB class amp and is priced at 6490€ per piece.

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