roksponsmallCyrus has released the latest version of the software that powers its audio streamers and Lyric products to bring the TIDAL lossless audio streaming service to its new and existing customers. The embedded software streams high quality audio files from the TIDAL servers direct to the Cyrus unit, having the software resident within the Cyrus units also means that everything is controlled via the Cyrus Cadence App, available for iOS and Android devices, providing a single interface to control the system, browse files on a local network, and stream music over the internet via TIDAL.

From today, purchasers of any new Cyrus streamers and Lyric will be able to benefit from the updated software, which will ship pre-installed in their product. Existing users of the Stream X Signature, Stream Xa, Stream XP2, Stream XP2 Qx, Stream X2, and Streamline2 models will be able to take their product to their local authorised Cyrus retailer for a free upgrade to the new software. Customers with Lyric models can update their firmware themselves at home. If users do not already posses a TIDAL subscription, they can benefit from a free three month trial which can be unlocked directly through the Cadence App.

Simon Freethy, Managing Director, welcoming the new service says, “The increasing take up of streaming services by consumers is evident in the figures released by the BPI. In 2015 there was a staggering 82% increase in the number of audio streams in the UK compared to 2014, at just shy of 27 billion streams. To cater for this growing demand, TIDAL, with its emphasis on streaming high quality files, was the obvious partner for Cyrus.” He continues, “Our goal is to build a better music experience for our customers, and that meant giving them access to the highest quality streams possible to enable their Cyrus equipment to perform at its best.  Now Cyrus customers can enjoy the convenience of an embedded streaming service which gives them the same high quality they currently enjoy from their CD collections. This brings them convenience and choice in their listening, with the added advantage of the Cyrus sound quality they love.”


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