When we heard that James Morrow in Edinburgh was going to be having a launch event for the new Lyric from Cyrus we couldn’t help but send along our man in Scotland (Billy Smith) to take a look.

The Lyric from Cyrus is a cool piece of kit, if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that really is all-in-one. Lyric_1_Scot_300

It’s got everything you could ever need onboard: CD player, streaming capabilities, DAC, and it even gets radio.

It looks good; we compared it to either Robocop or Thomas Bangalter’s helmet …The silver one of Daft Punk.

It was great to have so much functionality and only have a power cable running to it… and a set of cables going to the speakers.

It’s perfect for anyone just getting into who doesn’t want to deal with a ton of different boxes, or for someone with a sleek minimalist home. 



Billy Smith

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