Whilst at the Paris Hifi and AV Show yesterday Hifi Pig managed to get a sneaky peek at the new Lyric from the guys OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAover at Cyrus, which was getting its world debut by all accounts.

From what was said by the chap in the auditorium, the Lyric will be available in two flavours – the Lyric 5 and its bigger sibling the Lyric 9 which will have more “audiophile” bits and bobs inside as well as more power output from its amplifier.

So what is it? The Lyric is a CD (taken from Cyrus’ latest tech), a streamer, an amplifier, a DAC, a DAB radio, an FM radio….and more.

The amp will offer either 175 Watts into 8 Ohms from the Lyric 9 and 100 Watts from the Lyric 5. Both will be iPad certified which means they’ll work with both iPads and iPods. amps are of Cyrus’ own design! As well as all the digital jiggery pokery there will also be analogue inputs.

The DAC is of Cyrus’ own making and will be a 32Bit model developed in the main from the Anniversary DAC we had a look at a while ago.

One of the more interesting features on an already very interesting product is the inclusion of an onboard DSP (made by Cyrus) which will adjust settings to whatever loudspeakers are attached and match them to the room.

Price on the day was €4000 for the Lyric 9 but UK prices are unknown I’m afraid – I’d expect around £3000 for the 9 and £2500 for the 5.

There is clearly a market for products that cater for those music lovers that want a simple and elegant solution that sounds good and doesn’t involve filling the living room with a hundred and one boxes of electronics.

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