roksponsmallCyrus has today released a mobile app for its ONE amplifier, bringing app control convenience to users of the new compact amplifier.

For use on the iOS and Android platforms, the Cyrus ONE app enables users to control input selection and volume from their smartphone or tablet. For the target audience of ‘Enlightened Consumers’, the 18-30 year olds who are design-led, feature and interface driven, the ability to control via an app is the norm and a necessity, with remote controls relegated to reserve or ‘emergency use’ status.


In order to utilise the app, users of the Cyrus ONE will have to update the firmware in their unit, which is a very simple process they can do themselves by connecting their Cyrus ONE to their PC or Mac via the mini USB connection on the amplifier, and installing the firmware which is available from the Cyrus website. Alternatively, they can take the unit to their authorised Cyrus retailer, who will be able to perform the update for them. The new firmware also provides an additional upgrade to the ONE. Having listened to the feedback from customers, the Cyrus engineers have modified the operation of the automatic Speaker Impedance Detection (SID) circuit to greatly reduce the audible test impulse heard when switching the amplifier on. The performance of the SID, which instantly measures the speaker impedance and adjusts the amplifier to suit, is unaffected by this change.

Simon Freethy, managing director, says of the new app, “Our objective in launching the ONE was to start the process of positioning Cyrus as the leading player in the provision of high quality audio products for the ‘Enlightened Consumer’, a group of people who we believe represent the future for hifi purchasing. They are supremely comfortable living their lives digitally, with smartphones and tablets as the bedrock of their interaction with technology and entertainment. For that reason, it was important that we developed an app for the ONE that enables them to move away from the ‘old fashioned’ concept of a remote control and into a situation that suits their lifestyle.  App control also give the product an element of future proofing and new versions can be uploaded to the digital stores for everyone to download as new features become available.”

The Cyrus ONE app is available now from Google Play and the Apple App Store.


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