Dali Opticon is a seven-strong range of speakers consisting of the Opticon 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, LCR and Vokal. Available in Silk Matte White, Black or Walnut finishes and with High-Gloss White or Black front baffles, all models feature Dali’s own  woofer and tweeter modules, plus proprietary SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) pole piece.

The key features of the range are:

  • Proprietary Dali tweeters and woofers
  • Hand-assembled, Danish built cabinet construction
  •  Unique SMC-based magnet motor system
  • Wood-fibre, low-loss cones
  • Hybrid Soft Dome/Ribbon tweeter across majority of range
  • Gold-plated bi-wiring and bi-amping on all models
  • Available in Silk Matte White, Black and Walnut


Opticon 1
Small standmount. £499

Opticon 2
Stand-mount featuring a 6 1/2 inch wood-fibre woofer and a 28mm Soft Dome tweeter. £649

Opticon 5
Floorstanding taking advantage of Dali’s hybrid Soft Dome/Ribbon tweeter. £999

Opticon 6
Standing a metre high, features dual 6 1/2in bass drivers. £1199

Opticon 8
The flagship of the range, the Opticon 8is a floorstander. £1999

Opticon LCR
This wall-mounted Opticon is rotatable and equally at home working alone or as part of a full home cinema surround system. £499

Opticon Vokal
Centre speaker. £429

Available September.

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