Damson Audio today introduces the S-Series Home Audio Entertainment System including the S-Bar (Soundbar) + S-Woofer (Subwoofer) and the S-Cube (portable Bluetooth speaker). You can start your system with the S-Bar + S-Woofer and expand your system to connect to up to eight speakers over time. The S Series allows you to stream and play music throughout the entire house, or play different tunes on each speaker. Speakers connect easily to streaming services like Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, Spotify with no need for any additional apps or downloads.s-series-lo-res-copy

The S-Series is available now for pre-order globally today and will begin shipping in December 2016.

“Industry norm seems to dictate that soundbars and subwoofers are big ugly black boxes and that wireless audio systems are complicated to set up. We want people to have the choice of something more compact and elegantly designed that allows them to be submerged in high quality audio no matter what they are listening to at a price that is affordable,” said James Talbot, CEO of Damson Audio.

“The Damson S-Series produces unbelievable sound from compact devices that create an unparalleled home entertainment network in any home and wherever you need it. There’s nothing to download, install or add to the system; simply plug, play and connect.”

S-Bar + S-Woofer Features include:

  • 6 Driver Wireless Compact Soundbar
  • Sleek Subwoofer with inputs and wireless connectivity
  • USB Type C Charging
  • Aux In/Coaxial/HDMI/Bluetooth connections
  • 58 Watts of total output
  • Connects to up to eight speakers wirelessly

S-Cube Features include:

  • 5 Driver Configuration w/integrated subwoofer
  • 18 Watt Output
  • USB Type C Charging
  • Bluetooth/NFC
  • Aux In
  • 8 hour Lithium Ion Battery
  • Connects to up to eight speakers wirelessly

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