Dan Clark Audio has introduced the special edition ÆON 2 Noire.  The ÆON 2 Noire is the latest entry in their ÆON line of headphones.

Based on the ÆON 2 Closed, ÆON 2 Noire offers a new voicing to deliver, they say, “a lively and involving musical experience with a high-gloss all-black styling”.

Dan Clark Audio launch Aeon 2 Noire special edition headphones

More Lively Top End

ÆON 2 Noire uses perforated ear pads to create a sonic signature with a richer bass, airier midrange, and a more lively top end than the classic ÆON 2 Closed. While you can apply the perforated pads to an ÆON 2 Closed to get the same sound, this popular tuning is now available through ÆON 2 Noire straight out of the box.

More info on the Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 here

Back In Black

With a high-gloss metallic paint, genuine carbon fibre, and an all-black finish ÆON2 Noire is an eye-catching design.

Price And Availability

$899.99 Retail, shipping now

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