Terracotta is a 100% natural, eco-sustainable material and is the material of choice for these very individual looking speakers from Dedalica of Florence, Italy.

The terracotta spheres are handmade and fired by expert craftsmen, giving each speaker its own uniqueness. The metalwork is produced by skilled blacksmiths. Dedalica has produced a range of various models including three-way, omnidirectional and full-range speakers. They are available in a multitude of finishes from natural terracotta to glazes and metal leaf.

Dedalica Tre Vie Range

The Tre Vie range of three-way speakers comprises of Aratea, Geminea, and Tolomea, which all come with wrought iron driver grilles. They have a sensitivity of 87db and a frequency response of 35Hz to 20,000Hz.

Dedalica says of their Tre Vie range: “The innovation of using Terracotta and the development of its resonant characteristics, offer a well-extended and natural response, uniform and with the control of distortion at high power. The bass is powerful and controlled, with high dynamicity and an image extended in width and depth with excellent evidence of micro-detail. The internal composition and the electronics are characterized by: sound absorbers, crossover with high-quality inductors, metal-oxide resistors, and polypropylene capacitors. Its strong frequency extension and high dynamism and transparency make the three-way diffuser suitable for all music and AV applications”.


The Aratea model is a 3Vie system composed by three spheres wrapped in concentric cone sections creating a synergy between the elements and giving the diffuser system a solid and compact image. Each sphere reproduces a range of specific frequencies.


Geminea is characterized by a wrought iron pedestal consisting of five circular planes placed one on top of the other in order to appear suspended.


A wrought-iron pedestal consisting of two slabs intersecting with each other characterizes Tolomea. Two circular openings on both sides allow the bearing sphere to recline on these two surfaces.

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