Kevin and Lynn at Definitive Audio say they are absolutely delighted to be representing Kuzma in the UK as of 1st September 2019.

Most analogue enthusiasts will be familiar with at least some of the Kuzma portfolio and their products have won many plaudits of the years.

Kevin of Definitive Audio had the following to say about the news “Speaking personally, one of my all-time favourite turntable & tone arm combinations is the Stabi S / Stogi S, which is the baby of the Kuzma range. It sets a giant performance benchmark that is more convincing to me than all but a small handful of ultra hi-end record players that I have encountered over the past 30 years.  As we move up their design hierarchy things just continue to impress, not just in terms musical believability but in engineering conception and precision execution.” continuing “The 4- point tone-arms are standout examples of this; true precision instruments that address the complex problems of cartridge optimisation with a clarity of understanding that frankly puts most to shame.  In the true sense of the term, these are fully resolved designs, the result of 30 years of continuous passion lead development.”

Hifi Pig wish Definitie Audio every success with this new addition to their carefully chosen portfolio of products.


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