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The Denafrips BIC500 Balanced Isolation Transformer uses the brand’s own house-made audio-grade, high efficiency, low noise Balanced Toroidal Transformer.

The transformer is a custom wound toroidal transformer with a centre tapped earth and symmetrically balanced voltage output.

Denafrips BIC500 Balanced Isolation Transformer

Denafrips BIC500 Balanced Isolation Transformer


Denafrips says that the key benefit of the BIC500 Balanced Isolation Transformer is its ability to significantly lower the AC noise floor which improves the system performance.

With a power reserve of 500VA, the BIC500 is suitable for Streamers, DACs and Preamps or a moderately powered Class A/B amplifier up to 500VA.

Denafrips BIC500 Balanced Isolation Transformer

How the back connections of the Denafrips BIC500 Balanced Isolation Transformer will look


Balanced Isolation Transformer

Built-in AC Filters

Teflon Coated Pure Copper, Copper Shielded Toroidal Transformer made by in house

Centre Tap Earthed/Grounded

Fused IEC Power Inlet

Four US Power Sockets

AC Power Requirement: 120 / 240VAC, 50-60Hz

Power Rating: 500VA

Dimension: 171W x 252D x 128H mm (Feet +18mm)

Weight: 6 Kg

Colour: Black/Silver Faceplate. Black Body.


Around USD $700/600€

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