Eight years after the launch of its first compact high-end amplifier in 2010, Devialet has enhanced the Expert Pro line-up with three ‘major evolutions’.

Devialet AXD® (for Active Cross/X-over Design) is a new technology is the result of an exclusive partnership with some of the world’s leading speaker manufacturers (YG Acoustics, Estelon, Vivid Audio and more to come) to design the shortest analogue signal path between an audio source and speaker drivers, while limiting analogue sections to a minimum. To achieve this, AXD® combines the endless possibilities of Devialet Expert Pro DSP (Digital Signal Processor) with the crossover networks of carefully selected high-end speakers, to create an optimised setup. The new Core Infinity hardware board inside Expert Pro delivers increased power. Combined with the latest Devialet operating system, and firmware 13.x it brings a large range of streaming protocols to Expert Pro, including Airplay, Spotify Connect, Roon Raat etc.

The stereo range comes in three configurations:  The new Expert 140 Pro (pictured) priced at 4990€, Expert 220 Pro and Expert 250 Pro. They can all be upgraded to Dual-Mono or multi-amplification. The Dual-Mono range comprises Expert 210 Pro Dual, Expert 440 Pro Dual and Expert 1000 Pro Dual. They can all be upgraded to multi-amplification. The Upgrade Program 3.0 (hardware) allows customers to upgrade their Expert system (without Core Infinity board) to the new Expert Pro system with Core Infinity.



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