Anyone interested in hearing Devialet’s new entry-level amp/DAC, the Devialet 110, should get themselves down to Devialet110 copyAudio Lounge on Tuesday 17th September. Audio Lounge in London W1 is co-hosting a Champagne reception with Absolute Sounds, Devialet’s sole UK distributor, to herald the UK launch of Devialet’s new integrated audio hub on the final day of London Fashion Week. The event will be open to members of the public from 6pm – 8pm!

The Devialet 110 takes the patented ADH (Analogue Digital Hybrid) amp tech from the D-Premier – the Parisian company’s first product  – refines it and delivers it at less than half the price.

The 110 is the entry-level model of three new-generation components. All three will be on display at the Champagne reception, with the 110 on demonstration in the listening room. Representatives from Devialet will be on hand to explain the thinking behind the company’s technologies and design principals.

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