Voxtok, designing high-end HiFi connected devices and solutions, and DiDiT High-End, specialising in creating high quality audio products, have announced their technological partnership to combine their experience, passion and R&D. didit

Voxtok will focus on providing its current and next range of products based on its Voxtok Music services and advanced software for audio and TV, along with its expertise in designing powerful processing electronic boards for embedded systems.

DiDiT High-End will be responsible for adding their knowledge on high quality audio, novel electronic design as well as hardware design.

The combined expertise of Voxtok and DiDiT High-End enables the delivery of “beautiful and innovative” media streaming devices.

Since its CES Honoree Award at the beginning of the year, Voxtok has pushed its AudioCapsule product to higher levels at every stage says the recent press release: “a simple but beautiful improved interface that can be accessed through all connected devices including TVs, state of the art Cloud services for simple backup, seamless integration of streaming and online services”. Everything is integrated in the Voxtok’s  electronic design.

From the first day we met with Voxtok we knew we found our soul brothers. We share the same drive, passion and ideals to do things differently. Together we will continue our quest in improving the musical experience. Together we will reinvent audio all over again!” said Rients Steenbeek, CEO of DiDiT High-End.

DiDiT’s team members have been commercially involved in the audio and electronics industry for many years, both for ODM/OEM as well as DiDiT branded products. This collaboration will bring DiDiT High-End’s low distortion and low noise technologies to Voxtok products which also incorporate DC coupled and advanced balanced designs.

We are thrilled about this partnership with DiDiT High-End” said Joel REBOUL, CEO of Voxtok. “Our goal is to offer the best possible music experience, and this partnership will clearly make our products stand out by combining the quality of DiDiT High-End electronic design with Voxtok’s advanced technologies and music services.”

Voxtok will showcase its AudioCapsule and Voxtok Music products at Festival Son et Image this October and at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.


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