DigiBit has introduced the aria piccolo+, the third generation of their aria piccolo+ music server series. Digibit launched the first generation of aria piccolo in 2015, they say the new version is ‘very much enhanced’.

The aria piccolo+ music server series has been designed to be easy to use and allow users to manage all functionality from their iPad or Android devices without the need for a PC or any network skills. It supports extended metadata fields for any music genre. This facility allows users to sort and view their music collection in multiple ways such as: albums from the romantic (Period) for piano (Instrument), played by Maurizio Pollini (Soloist). The aria piccolo+ has 18 predefined fields automatically matching the tagging structure of their proprietary classical music database, SonataDB. For any other music genre, all fields can be manually created and tagged.

The aria piccolo+ software features include, fully automatic (insert & rip) error-free CD Ripper, metadata retrieval results from five databases, Bit Perfect playback, multizone support, multichannel PCM and DSD support, remote access to your music over the internet and Airplay and DLNA support allows you to enjoy your preferred streaming services providers and internet radio. Some of the improvements to the first generation of aria piccolo are a 43cms (17”) 6mm thick precision machined aluminium chassis, a 3TB HDD disk is standard but a 1TB or 2TB SSD is optionally available, a new all-in-one board, also used in the flagship aria2 and aria piccolo+ ships standard with internal DAC and has digital USB and SPDIF outputs (RCA Coax and AES/EBU). The internal DAC comes with balanced and unbalanced analogue audio outputs and supports up to 32Bit/384KHz and DoP and DSD256 native support. PCM and DSD multichannel output can be obtained via the HDMI output or via USB with an ASIO driver. Prices start at 2.090€ + VAT (where applicable).


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