DoAcoustics, the loudspeaker brand from Sicily, has announced that its MicroDesign range of products is now available in the UK.

Featuring 2-channel stereo, Home Cinema and active models, the range consists of stand-mount, floor standing and home cinema speakers that all carry the same design philosophy: “discrete, slim and understated in appearance, yet able to produce a very natural performance that belies the cabinet size”.

DoAcoustics, the loudspeaker brand from Scilly, has announced that its MicroDesign range of products is now available in the UK

Italian Design

The brain-child of life-long professional musician and Hifi store owner Davide Oliveri, DoAcoustics was founded in Catania, Sicily in 2011, with the dream of being able to reproduce near-field monitor studio sound in a domestically acceptable package. Davide designed the complete range himself with the guiding eye of his wife Raffaella, who, as an architect and designer, is no stranger to industrial design herself. Davide worked tirelessly to create the sound characteristics he required. The resulting MicroDesign models epitomise Davide’s vision by offering a very stylish range of speakers that fit into any domestic environment yet also deliver on performance.

Slim Profile

All models in the range are transmission-line designs, yet offer a very slim 10cm wide front profile thanks to the use of TB and SEAS 3” drivers throughout. Featuring a mixture of full-range and bass-only drivers dependant on the model, DoAcoustic’s found that the use of multiple smaller drivers meant that their designs were faster to react to transient signals, have better off-axis dispersion and a better damping factor. When combined with the company’s point-to-point hard-wired crossovers, which are fitted throughout with Mundorf components, the range was complete and delivered to the brief.

The DoAcoustics MicroDesign speakers feature a slim profile

Stand Mount Speakers

The three stand-mount designs – Microcosmo, Macrocosmo and Macrocosmo Reference – feature a single 3” full-range Polypropylene-Paper-coned driver, delivering a true point-source performance. Slightly larger in height, the 2-way Macrocosmo Reference Impact features an additional 3” bass driver, whilst the larger again Jupiter houses two full-range drivers and two bass drivers in a reverse D’Appolito design. Adding an additional out-of-phase tweeter to the rear of the cabinet, the Jupiter Impact can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. An optional floor stand is available for the stand mount variants.


Moving onto the floorstanders, all of which stand 86.5cm tall, three models are available: Armonia Mundi, Armonia Mundi Impact and Armonia Mundi Impact Active. The Armonia Mundi houses 1 x full-range and 1 x bass driver, whilst the Armonia Mundi Impact ads an additional full-range and bass driver per side, along with a tweeter mounted on the rear panel. For those looking for total flexibility, the Armoni Mundi Impact Active packs in a 90 Watt per channel amplifier, Bluetooth 4.0 Aptx, S/PDIF and USB digital inputs, along with analogue inputs and outputs. Each of the floor standers come with a spiked plinth for extra stability.


All MicroDesign models are available in a range of standard colours that include white matt, black matt, natural bamboo, purple matt and green matt.

UK Pricing & Range Overview

MICROCOSMO (Matt White, Black, Green, Grey & Purple) NO Bamboo £525.00
MACROCOSMO (Matt White, Black, Green, Grey & Purple) £739.00
MACROCOSMO (Bamboo) £825.00
MACROCOSMO REFERENCE (Matt White, Black, Green, Grey & Purple) £1,059.00
MACROCOSMO REFERENCE IMPACT (Matt White, Black, Green, Grey & Purple) £1,599.00
JUPITER (Matt White, Black, Green, Grey & Purple) £1,279.00
JUPITER (Bamboo) £1,379.00
JUPITER IMPACT (Matt White, Black, Green, Grey & Purple) £2,099.00
JUPITER IMPACT (Bamboo) £2,199.00
ARMONIAMUNDI (Matt White, Black, Green, Grey & Purple) £1,599.00
ARMONIAMUNDI (Bamboo) £1,799.00
ARMONIAMUNDI IMPACT (Matt White, Black, Green, Grey & Purple) £2,399.00
ARMONIAMUNDI IMPACT (Bamboo) £2,599.00
ARMONIAMUNDI IMPACT ACTIVE (Matt White, Black, Green, Grey & Purple) £3,399.00
MICRODESIGN CENTRE (Matt White, Black, Green, Grey & Purple) £849.00
FOREST 60 SPEAKER STANDS (Black, White) £399.00

The DoAcoustic MicroDesign speaker range is available in the UK now from selected Sevenoaks Sound & Vision stores

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