DS Audio ST-50 Stylus Cleaner is a £75 box with urethane gel inside to trap dust when you lower your stylus on to it. 

The ST-50 is a stylus cleaner that uses a urethane resin (sort of squidgy gel) inside an Aluminium box measuring 42mm x 42mm and 13mm high. The case is made from a solid block which is then buffed and then Nickel-plated and underneath is a leather cushion that stops the box sliding about on your turntable (I would much prefer cork or other non-animal sourced pad). The gel itself is reusable and you simply rinse it under a tap, let it dry for half an hour and it’s back to as new condition. The lid ensures that the gel doesn’t get contaminated with airborne dust and particles.

Using the ST-50 is simplicity itself; Lower your stylus onto the middle of the gel, lift it off, repeat a few times and the urethane gel catches all the visible dust that had previously been festooning your stylus. It’s not a new idea by any stretch but what DS Audio have done is take the concept and put it in a beautifully finished package that feels very high-end. Of course, this kind of packaging and finish costs and in comparison to the competition out there many will find it to be expensive for what it is at £75. Others will feel that the luxury element of the ST-50 makes the expenditure worthwhile.

Does it work? Yep, it works a treat and I’ve been using it before playing every record – the stylus is visibly cleaner for sure.


The DS Audio ST-50 certainly works in getting visible dust and gunk off your stylus, even when looked at through a loup. Yes, it is more expensive than the cheap and cheerful competition but it certainly does tick all the luxury boxes.

Stuart Smith

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