Dynaudio has contacted Hifi Pig to tell us about their latest development  – the Evidence DYN_Evidence_Platinum_bordeauxPlatinum. The new loudspeaker has been developed and manufactured as the company’s new flagship  and to offer a level of sound quality “never before experienced”.

After almost seven years of continuous development, the Evidence Platinum concept was first shown in 2012 at Munich High End Show. After receiving tremendous feedback from visitors, distributors, and dealers Dynaudio decided to turn the concept into reality.

The Evidence Platinum incorporates a four centimetre thick mid-section milled from the highest-grade aluminium, weigh 115kg each and measure 194cm in height.

“Thanks to the innovative Dynaudio Directivity Control technology, DDC, the Evidence Platinum is much less demanding and performs at its best, even in difficult listening environments” say Dynaudio. DDC consists of a finely-tuned balance of symmetrically arranged, precisely positioned dual woofers, midrange drive units and tweeters, and an advanced crossover design. DDC is designed to reduce sound reflections from the floor and ceiling of any room by at least 75% through the matching of the phase responses of the individual drive units, consequently achieving a sound radiation vertically focused towards the listener.

Drive Units

The diaphragms of the new Evidence Platinum bass and midrange drive units are manufactured from MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer), a composite material developed by Dynaudio that is characterized by low mass, high rigidity and ideal internal damping properties. Ultra-lightweight aluminium voice-coils with powerful magnet structures drive the speaker cones.

The Evidence Platinum’s bass response is enhanced by the bass-reflex ports, located at the back of the speakers’ cabinets, specifically shaped to eliminate harmful resonance.

The Esotar2 tweeter with Precision Coating on the Evidence Platinum uses coated fabric soft domes with magnet assembly of tweeters being aerodynamically shaped, and internally damped.


·    Evidence Platinum Esotar² tweeters with precision coating

·    Evidence Platinum 15cm MSP midrange drivers

·    Evidence Platinum 18cm MSP woofers (18W75)

·    High grade crossover with select components on glassfibre-reinforced PCB

·    WBT NextGenTM Cu connectors made of pure gold-plated copper

·    Internal wiring with select oxygene-free copper cables

·    Metal film resistors in the crossover’s tweeter section

·    Advanced DDC Technology to reduce room reflections and colorations

·    Ultra-solid, resonance-deadening 40mm black aluminium front baffle

·    Reinforced cabinet finished in a new choice of veneers and lacquers

·    Reinforced base plinth with larger footprint for improved stability

·    Two types of base plinth feet included (for hard floor or carpet)

Price is £58 500

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