The Indulgence Show, London’s leading premium audio event, sees Dynaudio showcase its latest hits and unveil a very special new release.

Dynaudio’s line-up for this year’s Indulgence Show comprises three special appearances.

Leading the line is the Special Forty, the Danish maker’s 40th anniversary speaker. The Special Forty draws on four decades of loudspeaker development expertise, taking bookshelf performance to a new level. The result is Dynaudio’s most advanced ever passive hi-fi speaker.

The Contour 20 joins the Special Forty in Dynaudio’s demo room, though, at just 28- years in the making this latest Contour is but a young pup. But the newbie is already making a big name for its young self, picking up rave reviews and claiming Best Product status in the prestigious 2017-18 EISA Awards – Europe’s leading audio annual awards event. Visit the Epernay room to hear the Special Forty and Contour 20, as well as get the lowdown on the technical excellence each model packs.

Music to your ears

The third of Dynaudio’s show trio is a first. A global first, and a Dynaudio first. Visit the Epernay room to witness the worldwide public unveiling of the Danish designer’s debut in a key audio category.

Dynaudio at The Indulgence Show

Friday 29th September – Sunday 1stst October 2017

Audio London Area

Epernay Room (First Floor)

The Indulgence Show

Hotel Novotel London West



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