Eclipse will be highlighting the benefits of dedicated, high-quality subwoofers at High End, Munich, with an extraordinary ‘2.2’ demonstration featuring its TD510ZMKII speakers plus two TD520SW subs. Find ECLIPSE: Halle 3, L04

They explained further: “Eclipse’s unique ‘2.2’ speaker and twin-subwoofer system, which will be on demonstration throughout this year’s event, has been designed to showcase the strengths of its ‘accurate sound’ loudspeaker and subwoofer technology”.

The unique speaker system comprises the single-driver, full-range TD510ZMKII loudspeaker with integrated stand, flanked by two TD520SW subwoofers, demonstrating the performance benefits of multiple subs. The combination of Eclipse’s renowned single-driver design plus twin high-performance music-orientated subwoofers provides a loudspeaker system with unrivalled fidelity, transient response and time domain accuracy. A total of four 20cm bass drivers combines with the TD510ZMKII’s custom full-range, 10cm drivers”.

The demonstrations, in Halle 3, L04, will comprise the following: 1x pair TD510ZMK2 loudspeakers (£3,840) plus 2x TD520SW (subwoofers, £3,000 each). Eclipse UK team members Hideto Watanabe (Senior Manager) and Paul Burnip (Sales Manager), will be available throughout the event and look forward to welcoming visitors and introducing the company’s “revolutionary accurate sound technology”.





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