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When listening to Mono records on a Stereo set up, you may notice a lot of, quite annoying at times, background/surface noise that is more noticeable when listening to Mono. “Unless you Ecosse Tru-Mono Interconnect Ultra Reference Versionhave a mono button on your amp/pre amp you need an Ecosse Tru-Mono Interconnect in order to sum that surface noise to the centre of your speakers, to where the music is, ensure a significant reduction in that surface noise” says the press release for this unusual cable arrangement.

Ostensibly it’s a solution requiring one female to male and one male to female cable combined in one interconnect thus ensuring a true Mono summation of the two stereo channels into one. This will lower noise, distortion and generally make the records sound better in every way.
As Michael Fremer put it:
Mono information is all lateral. Stereo cartridge read the vertical component of the groove information. On a mono record that would all be rumble and noise produced by imperfect pressing, which is the reality of vinyl playback no matter how well the record is pressed.

In the top line Ultra Reference version Ecosse use their proprietary Monocrystal™ Copper MACH2XS RCA plugs together with DH Labs ultra gold-plated pure copper sockets.

In the Audiophile version they use their proprietary Monocrystal™ Copper MACH2XS RCA plugs together with Neutrik gold plated sockets.

In the Premier version they use their proprietary MACH1 RCA deep copper plated plugs together with gold plated over brass sockets

All you need do is connect the Ecosse Tru-Mono Vinyl Interconnect between phonostage and pre/power amp or between turntable and pre amp, and away you go.

Priced from just £80.00


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