ELAC has launched the new VELA FS 408 loudspeaker.

The era of ELAC loudspeakers with names ending with the number “8” began almost 20 years ago. What all these loudspeakers share in common is the configuration comprising two 180 mm woofers and a single tweeter.

ELAC have launched the new VELA FS 408 loudspeaker.


The new VELA FS 408 combines this classic concept with the latest driver technology and the style of the VELA Series. With their trapezoid shape and large radii, the crafted cabinets are tilted slightly rearwards . Premium high-gloss paint finishes and decorative aluminium elements enhance their look.


Two woofers incorporating AS-XR technology and a JET5 tweeter are responsible for converting signals into sound. Complementing the two low-frequency drivers is the JET5 tweeter and the VELA FS 408 features high-quality crossover components and  Van den Hul® cables.

Two woofers incorporating AS-XR technology and a JET5 tweeter

Pricing And Availability

The VELA FS 408 is available from November 2020 in high gloss paint finishes (black and white) at a suggested retail price of €2,590.00 per unit.

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