This month Electrocompaniet is launching new streamers in its EC Living series, RENA S-1 and RENA SA-1, a first subwoofer in its EC Living series, the SIRA-L1 and a completely new network music player in its Classic Line series, the new ECM-1.

RENA S-1 is a streaming solution. It provides a way to connect directly to your existing amplifier, whilst still having the possibility to add wireless speakers later. All this makes the RENA S-1 the most affordable and future-proof way to step into EC Living, Electrocompaniet’s wireless and modular speaker and streamer system.

RENA SA-1 is a modern streaming device with a powerful built-in amplifier. Use the amplifier to connect to your choice of speakers, and still have the option to connect wireless speakers as either add-on or replacement.

SIRA L-1 upgrades the EC Living system adding “even more punch, drive and palpability”. It is both compact in size and elegant.

The Classic line gets more streaming products, fully integrated with all products in the EC Living series. 

ECM 1 is a streamer and player, complete with the DAC-section from the company’s ECD 2. It plays lossless, DSD and high-resolution digital content. It plays directly from Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz and can be fed through AirPlay or DLNA.

And of course, it can index and play from your own network-stored music collection. The hardware supports all popular formats including DSD, and continuous software upgrades let you enjoy the latest streaming devices at any given time.

The ECM 1 shares its DNA with the new EC Living line. You can use the same app and interface, playing all your music on all of the units.

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