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Day Seven of Hifi Pig’s Advent Calendar advertising promotion focuses on Hifi-Man HE560 Headphones.

Hifi-Man HE-560 headphone is different in that it is a orthodynamic headphone that uses planar magnetic or orthodynamic DSC_1209technology, which unlike cone drivers, are flat, very thin plastic mem- branes, on which is attached a thin conductor. The membrane is near permanent magnets, and when the signal flows through the conductor, the opposing electromagnetic field on the conductive membrane is pushed away from or attracted to the permanent magnets, producing the sound, with openness and detail that are difficult to achieve with conventional designs.

All Hifi-Man models share a symmetrical wiring, where in each driver has it’s own separate premi- um audio cable and with the new crystalline copper and silver cable this results in lower crosstalk between each channel and unfortunately most manufacturers still do not use this.

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Electromod was started with excitement and enthusiasm for audio equipment which we still feel we have today. For this is one of the reasons we offer brands such as Hifi-Man, Schiit and Synergistic Research as all these brands offer something we believe others do not in new technologies and competitive pricing.

Whilst most other companies look back and only see growth and financial gain as a measure of their success we look back and consider the good memories and fun times are as equally as important. Hi-fi is supposed to be an entertainment industry and the word there is entertainment and sometimes we think this is lost, yes there is business to have but why not have the fun at the same time whilst keeping to our motto of great products with an even better service.

After discovering that there was a need for high quality complimentary audio products to the UK market. Electromod was conceived in 2011, We proudly presented Hifi-Man headphones as the next logical choice along with Schiit audio electronic Ragnarok-main-1000products design by no other than Mike Moffat and Jason Stoddard. We believe Electromod now offers the best Othrodynamic or Planar magnetic headphones with electronic components to match complimented by small tweaks from Synergistic Research and beautiful crafted headstands from Sieveking Sound we believe all these products and prices will surprise many an audio cognisor.

Electromod represents our personal view in that we believe passionately about all the products we stock that they offer great audio performance and be affordable, we will carry this view on all future products we stock.

Just look at some of these reviews on the Hifi Pig site.

Looking forward to 2015 we have lots of new products released from all manufactures with Schiit we have their statement D to A converter this will be under £2k, yes only £2000 for a statement product and lots of other products we cannot yet talk about a few we hope will be here before Christmas it’s really exciting, from Hifi-Man we have new in ear headphones being release as well as there latest headphone / speaker amplifier the EF100.

The new UEF technology from Synergistic Research is starting to make waves and questions from many places which is what we want, yes most people think of questions or do not believe it when speaking about certain things in this industry and being an electronic engineer i was one of those, trying audio grade fuses change my mind as why would a fuse make that much differences to the music well it does in much the same way as different cables makes a difference sound. It is a very exciting time for us as we have a lot of listening ahead to understand all these new and exciting products.

Please check out our web-site or the manufactures web-site for more information.

Electromod is unlike most distributors in where that’s where we stop giving you sales patter and rather you listen to the product or do your own research in regards to this and any of our products, we believe in our products only through listening and research will you understand why we sell these brands.

Also see Hifi Pig’s review on these headphones. Please go down to your local dealer for more information.

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