This is the first full length album for Elekfants Daniel and Leo who first met over 20 years ago when they played together in a blues band. Daniel is well known in his native Brazil and is something of a local hero where he is considered one of the country’s finest Djs. Leo on the other hand is a professional drummer, singer and composer and has played with some of Brazil’s best known artists.

Dark Tales and Love songs is accessible and in parts poppy but always in the same house/tech tradition  – it’s also beautifully engineered by D.O.Cs (the label) boss Gui Boratto. To me, musically it’s a little reminiscent of HotChip at their best and that’s a good thing I think!

It’s a clever and infectious record and there are proper songs on the album like the incredibly funky “Diggin on You” – the bass line on this tune is relentless, driving and is a perfect foundation the the funky guitar and laidback vocal style.

“Teasing Me” has elements of Moroder (again no bad thing) and a bit of a 2western” feel to it whilst “The Quiet Before The Storm” opens with lush strings and pads before launching (at 2′ 20″) into a twisted chord stab and then settling into a blissed out, 4am, arms in the air, waiting for the sun to come up vibe.

“Surrender” is more straightforward techno with a nice vocal over the top and it’s a really great tune  reminiscent of The Beloved.

There’s 12 tunes on Dark Tales and Love Songs and I’d like to suggest that it could be a bit of a hit in certain circles. It manages to blend moody elements with a much more “up” vibe and, like i said, it contains proper songs…some with words and everything! Out June 5th.


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