Elite Audio have announced that they are now the official UK distributors of Metrum Acoustics, adding the brand to their growing portfolio.

Metrum Acoustics is a Netherlands based hifi component manufacturer, based upon decades of experience and with a history of innovation in the world of acoustics and electronic design. In the audio industry, they are primarily known for research and development of digital audio and in particular of digital to analogue conversion technology.

Brand Values

Their key brand values include Non Oversampling Technology (“listen to your music in the way it was meant to be listened to”); Build Quality for Decades (using the best components, including scratch-resistant milled aluminium, that are made to last) and to ‘Unravel Music’ (to achieve rich detail and naturalness; easily distinguish instruments and layers).

Metrum Range

The current Metrum Acoustics product range includes 3 DACs (Pavane, Onyx and entry level NOS mini DAC, the Flint); 3 DAC/Preamps (Adagio, Jade and Amethyst); plus the Forte Power Amplifier and 2 Audio Streamers (Ambre and the entry level Baby Ambre) plus various module options.

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