Elite Audio have announced that they are now the official UK distributors of PLiXiR Power. The Singaporean manufacturer becomes the 39th brand to be distributed by Elite Audio.

PLiXiR specialise in creating high-end power supplies and conditioners designed to enhance the sound quality of your hifi system by conditioning AC power. The PLiXiR range has a wide array of models at different price points, starting with the Elite BDC 2A Power Supply priced at £699 up to the Elite BAC 3000V Vertical AC Power Conditioner at £6,200.

Founded by James Soh, formerly of Philips SG. James was part of the design team of the first SACD player to be fully designed in Singapore, the 963SA, and then lead the design team for its successor, the DVP9000SA. He was also part of the sound tuning team for these players.





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