Emotiva’s DR Series’ XPA-DR1 mono, XPA-DR2 two-channel and XPA-DR3 three-channel models utilise up to three pairs of Differential Reference™ Amplifier Modules, fed by a fully regulated, 3 kW switch mode power supply within a heavy-duty chassis.

The DR modules are deployed in pairs to provide each channel with a balanced low-noise signal path from differential input to fully-discrete analogue Class A/B output stages. The output stages use Soft-Switch™ Class H power supply topology, allowing each to operate on a lower supply voltage at low power levels.

The amplifiers’ front panel blue LED display and protection system are designed to work with the maximum number of channels so need not be updated with the addition of extra channels. Unoccupied rear panel slots are covered with protective cover panels (XPA-DR1 for instance is configured with a pair of Differential Reference Modules and up to two further module pairs can be added).

The Emotiva XPA-DR1 (pictured) delivers 650 watts RMS into 8 Ohms, and 1000 watts RMS into 4 Ohms, with less than 0.1% THD. Price £1300.

The Emotiva XPA-DR2 delivers 550 watts RMS into 8 Ohms, and 800 watts RMS into 4 Ohms, both channels driven, with less than 0.1% THD. Price £1750.

The Emotiva XPA-DR3 delivers 450 watts RMS into 8 Ohms, and 600 watts RMS into 4 Ohms, all three channels driven, with less than 0.1% THD. Price £2150.



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