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Hifi Pig though this looked a funky little item for when out and about, it’s, Denon’s new £169 Envaya Envaya - Black with PhonePortable Bluetooth Speaker.

“With its personalised styling that comes in two different finishes – high gloss white and matte black – and a choice of four beautiful fabrics – Lunar, Sunset, Fandango and Indigo – there is a colour for every occasion” says the company’s press release.

Envaya delivers music collections, connecting wirelessly to all Bluetooth designs. Devices with aptX® capability can enjoy completely lossless audio transfer. If Envaya is used to watch movies on the move, it isn’t affected by those irritating ‘lip sync’ issues thanks a low latency of just 32ms. NFC-enabled devices only have to be brought close to Envaya and it automatically pairs up. To make life even easier, Envaya reconnects to the Bluetooth device, automatically remembering any model. There is also the option of an auxiliary input.

The Envaya portable Bluetooth speaker incorporates two proprietary 57mm full range drivers   and a 100mm passive radiator. Patented Denon Digital Sound processing, proprietary amplification and extensive European sound tuning “ensures the Envaya delivers Denon’s renowned sound quality”.

The simple grab-and-go design is completely portable with a 10-hour rechargeable battery on board. Envaya even looks after your mobile devices, being able to recharge any smartphone or tablet from its USB port while the user is out and about. Envaya also comes with an innovative built-in stand – just squeeze the device for the stand to appear – meaning the model can be placed wherever suits. Rubber footer on the bottom adds stability.

When it’s time for a bit of quiet Envaya can be tucked away in the optional sleek neoprene carrying case.

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