Designed by speaker engineer Phil Jones, the all new A100 compact desktop or stand-mount speakers features a custom made 5” aluminium cone woofer.

The A100 has a piano lacquer finish and inherits the sound characteristics of Phil Jones’ benchmark Acoustic Energy AE-1. The A100 uses the same XMOS core as its bigger brother A300. The A100 continues to use AirPulse’s horn-loaded 2.5″ aluminium ribbon tweeter and a proprietary 5” aluminium chassis low-distortion bass / mid-range driver. They are housed in an 18-mm thick high-strength MDF cabinet finished with piano black or red lacquer. The cabinet is well-damped and braced to eliminate resonance and vibration. TRANSPARENT cable is used in the A100 for internal connections. The active speaker’s power amplification part is built with two TAS5754 Class-D amplifiers from Texas Instruments, with a digital signal processing (DSP) system, powered by an efficient power supply.

The system in the A100 supports multiple inputs, including Bluetooth, Analog RCA, Digital Coaxial, Optical, USB and RCA Subwoofer outputs. Frequency response ranges from 52 Hz to 40 KHz. It supports Hi-Res high-quality audio playback and has obtained a Hi-Res official certification. The entire digital system is built on a multi-core signal processor XMOS XU216, a 16-core audio processor based on XMOS xCore 200 architect, which has up to 2000 MIPS processing horse-power. With its parallel structure, it is made for timing-sensitive signal process like audio, especially audio with high sample rate. The dual clock structure at the output stage effectively avoids signal modification between different sample rates, and can further reduce signal distortion. Price is $799.99.



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